Kiprotich makes you proud to be a Ugandan.

Stephen Kiprotich has today won another gold for his country Uganda, the east African country had last won gold in1978 in the Germany capital of Munich. Stephen won the second goal in the London Marathon 2012 on this day the Ugandan Champion run until the finish line but there was no Ugandan official to give him a flag to raise up to the world.

This Kiprotich gold came as a surprise to the government of Uganda because if they knew his potential, they would have been there to cheer him. Since then, the Kampala establishment should have shown signs of remorse and invested in the sports industry by first legislating a bill into an act to protect and regulate the industry. But they hav continued to appear at celebrations and make red carpet sweeping promises. This week, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya flew to Moscow to support Kenyan athletes that won a gold in his presence and later he hosted them to a dinner in Moscow this alone renews the spirit of wining among team Kenya.

Stephen Kiprotich was our only wining bet as Ugandans, before his departure he promised to bring a gold for his beloved country and which he has done today in Moscow. Apart from being the leader of the wining pack, Kiprotich demonstrated to me that every race has purpose for every good runner in the class of Kiprotich. Don’t run for the sake of it, race because there is a purpose for it.runners ace mtaters and means a lot to every runner.

Apart from making us call his name and get excited when he sprints to the finish line, Kiprotich’s wins give every Ugandan a purpose belong to a country full of frustrations, corruption, dictatorship a reason for a better day. In his words Hon. Nandala Mafabi said he gives a reason to hope that things can change.

Proud as I am this Saturday is dedicated to Kiprotich for making me proud to be a Ugandan.


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