Is Kampala managed by vultures or excited spendthrifts?


Kampala Capital City Authority will this year spend over 1.5 billion shillings on the Kampala Street Carnival as opposed to last year’s 600 million shillings. The increase in this year’s expenditure cannot be justified in before the committee on Presidential Affairs in Parliament and not even the devil himself can explain this expenditure that has shot to the skies swiftly like these US drones.

It is always acceptable for those who work or serve our people to dine and wine once a year, but this cannot be done at the expense of any citizen not even on the services they are meant to enjoy as a result of paying their taxes. Our love for partying can indeed be seen in this budget as growing tall in figures, but stunting in terms of value for money to the taxpayer.

This morning I laboured to visit Kafumbe Mukasa Road where a number of businesses for smallholder or small medium enterprises are housed, but my eyes could not believe the filth, poor state of the road that Kafumbe Mukasa is in. Kafumbe must be turning in his grave because it is not fair for his name to be used on this road.


Now this rate at which street carnivals are being treasured and financed heavily as opposed to social services that are integral to the growth of our economy clearly highlights that we are a nation that operates without priorities that may contribute to all Ugandans but just a few who want to have fun.

Bobi Wine’s celebrity endorsement for this KCCA Street Carnival slights shows how those who are meant to act as a voice to the voices have also given up their role but joined the rest for the scramble and partition of Kampala.

Personally, I think that the Kampala Carnival takes more from the taxpayers than what it gives back, a country like Uganda financially on her knees cannot extravagantly let such social excitement take away a chunk from the taxpayer when roads that contribute to KCCA financial coffers continue to prevail in sorry states. Though trying as some roads are receiving a face lift like Buganda Road, the priority should have been place where thousands transact business on a daily basis like Kafumbe Mukasa. How much tax comes from Buganda Road versus Kafumbe Mukasa? Kafumbe Mukasa Road is link to all smallholder farmers that bring their produce to St. Balikuddembe market.

In a country like Uganda, priorities that benefit the taxpayer should take center stage than those of socialites. It is cardinal for a nation that wants to be a mid-class country to prioritize than going partying.


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