We Know You Represent the Truth Continue On – Sheikh Rajab To Rebel MPs.

Sheikh Rajab To Rebel MPs
Sheikh Rajab To Rebel MPs

Muslims and non-Muslims today thronged the home of Kampala Central MP Hon. Muhammad in Old Kampala. The youthful MP concentrated on welcoming his friends, family members and supporters that turned up in big numbers. Among those present were the trio Rebel MPs Theodore Sekikubo, Wilfred Niwagaba and Barnabas Tinkasiimire. The holy Dua was presided over by the Director of Sharia in Uganda Sheikh Rajab Kakooza. In attendance was Al hajji Nsereko senior the father to Muhammad Nsereko, before inviting his son to greet his visitors as the host, he went on to appreciate his son’s love and care to his parents and father in-law who he took to India for treatment when he was sick. Nsereko senior said; “when Muhammad says something know that it is coming from deep from his heart and he means it.’’

When the Director of Sharia was invited to speak, he mentioned three things; the importance of Ramadhan and thanked all those who are fasting to continue doing so, secondly he stressed the need to respect authority in regards to islam. He said; “before we begin fasting we make an announcement, so it is when we are breaking our fast for Eid. If you are the first to see the moon, you have to come to us and tell us how you saw it and how many you were while seeing it and it is incumbent to us to make a national announcement.

Lastly, I want to tell my sons that what you do and say in Parliament we follow and appreciate. Don’t change, because we know you represent the truth and continue on that path. Islam teaches us about truth but not lies; I am impressed that you have continued in truth though you are few, while many of your colleagues in there continue in their lies to get money keep on the right way you will be blessed. Allah will judge all of us, those who do good and bad will all receive their reward.

Rebel MPs weighed in.

The first one to be invited by Muhammad Nsereko was Barnabas Tinkasiimire who set the bar high by jumping on President Museveni. We need to tell him to leave peacefully, thirty years really what would a man be looking for? asked Barnabas; when you are seated eating for thirty years what he is returning? These must be bones, is that really ebyaffe or bones? We are going to get him out in 2016 and join us as we unseat from office.

Wilfred Niwagaba we told Museveni that this oil is not yours but for all Ugandans, you see most times he calls it “This my oil” but we said no this is not your oil! Museveni is a corrupt man, he gives all the jobs to his family members and they end up stealing taxes payers monies is that not corruption? Way back when we went to state house, we asked him to allocate money to the medical workers and teachers but the man said do you want the army to topple me? Really for thirty years while in power why would you be scared of the army toppling you? Are we in a military kind of government? Why would a man fear after 30 years on the helm?

Sekikubo said; I would like to appreciate this holy dua and thank our brother Muhammad Nsereko for giving us this opportunity. Today we were in court and they are tossing us up and down, they don’t want us to access the Supreme court and this means that they want us to get out of Parliament, so that the case proceeds when we are out, but we know one thing that the power belongs to the people, they are the one that decided we come to Parliament. For us we are politicians, but you can imagine the anger Museveni uses on us, I wish he uses it on the thieves. But this shows that he is not interested in touching his thieves.

It is two and half years since the NRM government promised Ugandans that every household shall receive two millions per month. Sheikh Rajab Kakooza are Muslims earning these two millions shillings today? And all in attendance responded in unison a resounding Nooooo!!!

Sekikubo asked; “do you all want us to continue fighting for Ugandans? We all saw the man; he cannot go back to his youth. We saw him at the Kabaka’s coronation leaving his seat many times is that something to hide?”

On Friday evening President Museveni signed a memorandum of understanding with Buganda Kingdom but at this holy dua, those in attendance said that he wants to use Baganda so that they can support him in 2016 one man said that this time we are seeing him and we are aware of his tactics.


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