What is DP’s Role In This Unlawful Political Ping Pong?


After reading today’s New Vision [31/7/2013] and the article “Opposition is disorganized—DP” i feel it is my time to throw a few jabs here and there.

Instead of DP checking on the excesses of the sitting regime now they are busy jumping on other opposition parties? What is DP’s role is it a regime scarecrow? So by the time Norbert Mao got engaged in the same protests wasn’t he sane? Did he not know that there were in Kampala?

I think i am getting tired of the double standards of certain people in this country, today they say police is not civil and it is partisan and the next day the attack those that are being brutalised by the same uncivil police.

What is DP’s role in siding with the Oppressor? No sane man can join this fiesta where Ugandans are not allowed to enjoy their rights in Kampala and other parts of the country?

Recently the MP Iganga Municipality was arrested in his own constituency like a chicken thief for protesting against the lack of water in Iganga Hospital. Iganga Hospital is on the highway that leades to Tororo, Mbale, Kapchorwa, Busia, and Kenya etc, and the same brutality was meted on Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju in Kireka and DP was silent my question is what is their role in this unlawful ping pong with the oppressor?

Can this DP of Mao tell us what they are good for? The women arrested yesterday were doing their citizenry duty that politicians have failed to execute, tell them about attending conferences as if there are the ones that are going to bring change to Ugandans.

17. Duties of a Citizen

(1) it is a duty of every citizen of Uganda

(c) To protect children and vulnerable persons against any form of abuse, harassment or ill-treatment.

By the fact that the sitting regime is levying unreasonable tax on the very poor in the villages that are actually dying of hunger how will they earn when their produce was destroyed by the drought that has turned the country a desolate piece of space.

If there is no one to stand up for them and the mothers of this country did it; and it is very unfair for DP to expose their remedies in this way attacking those who are exposing the excesses of a government that is insensitive to this point. Though it is a duty of every citizen to pay taxes, but it is also a government’s duty to determine that the levied tax is reasonable and can be met by the same citizen.

Now that DP has joined the fiesta that is tearing apart the pages of our beloved supreme law, while as article 29 (d) of the constitution affirms the right to freedom to assemble, to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed, to petition. DP sees no sense in what the women were doing yesterday and i see this as another try in contravening our constitution and for your information these women were delivering a petition to the Leader of Opposition in Parliament ahead of the debate on the National budget FY 2013/2014. It is also our duty as citizens to protect our constitution from scavengers.


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