General Aronda: A Bait for full blast military rule.

The framers of the 1995 constitution of Uganda never considered the history and dark days of our nation. As good marketers, they have always sold their theory of the army is not involved in politics, but the minute they involved UPDF in formulating policy, laws of this country, then that is when they gave them more than just a listening mandate, but one to be fully involved in matters that are partisan.

From the fundamental change on the steps of Parliament, swearing to uphold, protect and defend the constitution Mr. Museveni never only lied to Ugandans, but took it as far as even to God. When you make an oath and use God’s name in it, it means you have involved Him and this means that you are supposed to live every letter of the oath to the dot.

The practice of lying and telling Ugandans the inside of a donut has not only been perfected by Mr. Museveni, but also his NRM MPs who have joined him in this chorus and this can be proved by the 2005 lifting of the Presidential term limits and now the appointment of General Aronda Nyakirima to the docket of Ministry of Internal Affairs. Bringing the army in partisan politics which is dancing on tunes of a political party in this case NRM makes Aronda more political than non-partisan. General Aronda is supposed to be “non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive nd subordinate to civilian authority” according to article 208 (2) of the constitution. General Aronda cannot and will not be any of that if he continues to serve the whims of the NRM chief in Entebbe and being accountable to him alone will be a kicker for the army general to remain non-partisan and subordinate to Ugandans.

This new unconstitutional precedent means that now the army’s door to cabinet has been opened by Aronda as the key and many will follow suit. My spirit tells me that now Aronda is going to be retired from the army and also resign from Parliament creating a spot for another army officer to come to Parliament and my guess is as good as yours they might bring him in the house and this is not chess anymore it is an open game of cards.

The 1986 NRA war was it a liberation? No it was an empowerment to some people to collect enough money, property and power as much as they could in order to save for hard times as they try to hang in there. When you read “Betrayed by my leader” by Kazoora it tells you who the man was and who he was going to become. Changing goal posts has always been part and parcel of his character. Now this new poverty campaign explains it all his brother being in charge and who is his advisor on security matters tells that this nation is a pure military dictatorship. Uganda is back to her former dark days full of road blocks, no space for the political opposition, whoever highlights the excesses of the regime becomes a traitor and rebel to them. Ugandans still have a chance to regain the lost glory before it is too late and first uniting against those who are abrogating the constitution and are applying self or personal rule.


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