A Long Journey of Visions Not Realized

The problem of Uganda is not that we don’t have enough resources and that is not true we do have the richest climate, fertile soils, with the oil discovery as some people say though it was discovered long ago, yes Gold in Karamoja, on additional to that we have good policy writers in the world. 

 If you can go back in time (1986) when we started getting all these nice proposals and policies by then the fresh minds were looking at a better Uganda with all goods for all. And this included the drafting of a wonderful instrument known as a constitution that consisted of the Presidential Term Limits.

 From the Entandikwa that came to relieve Ugandans from poverty which never reached them was a wonderful dream that never lived to be fulfilled as a reality but as you know the song went on and on. But after this dream went out in flames the great dreamers never stopped dreaming they continue to manifest their dreams to the choir master who inturn green flagged his lyrics writer than came up with wonderful songs to be sang from 1992 – todate and below are the songs that have been on the charts and won them awards from the humble Ugandans.

 Okay the real problem is that instead of having leaders we have choir masters who enjoy singing endless slogans ”Bonna Bagagawale,(Prosperity For All) Bonna Basoome,(Education For All), and many more. These are all nice programs and i would like to thank those men and women who came up with these programs. I am so sad that their dreams became slogans for yes men and women. 

 Uganda has never discovered a vision to help her make all her dreams reality men and women in the political class have continued to dream day and night which has sent many to a never ending slumber because they think that when you spend more time sleeping that is when dreams come. But they have not taken time to ponder about their dreams and have a debate about them with other wise men and women in this land.


 Waking up exhausted after many disturbing dreams is a common experience for many depressed people. It has been shown that depressed people dream up to three times as much as non-depressed people but why should this be? 

 Depressed people dream more because they have more emotional arousal to ‘dream out.’ Depression causes (and is caused by) a lot of emotionally-arousing introspection, or rumination, that endless sort of worrying that never seems to go anywhere and just makes you feel bad.

 There are many countries that have not what we have but have managed to live within their resources and these may include Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana etc. These countries have discovered a vision that has helped them to achieve their dreams for many years.

Now our President recently was caught by camera meditating about the Vision 2040 this in London.



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