KCCA boys drove their truck on Jinja Road Hollywood style all in the name of causing an arrest of a man who was in a red car today whatever crime he committed no one knows. What perturbs me is whether they have turned out to be traffic officers in the city.


The constant abuse of laws within the country has empowered even KCCA Enforcement officers to take siege of a road for more than 10 minutes, because they have seen it on TV being done at Daily Monitor, Red Pepper and many other places, now Jeniffer Musisi boys have power to closed off a road and arrest whoever they want.

I will not say that they did this not knowing that they were not in the middle of the road, simple these fools knew they were abstracting traffic, whether they know traffic regulations or not that is a debate for another day, but what i can tell you is that KCCA employed thugs to enforce laws.

Now the question is what did they re-brand? Is it just a  logo and nice looking uniforms and brand news cars? I don’t know! According to the KCCA Act the authority is a body corporate that can sue and be sued whether the employers of these thugs know this; that is another debate.

Back to the incident, Ugandans have developed a sense of protection towards their fellows Ugandans, in a blink of an eye ,people gathered to stop the impunity from taking place and the KCCA thugs did flee from the wrath of Ugandans on the street. Ugandans are a very patience people but what i know that they can raise to the occasion when need be. Bravo Ugandans.




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