This morning i had an interesting discussion with a young man called Sematimba Waiswa who is writing a book that will be unveiled soon about Ugandan football right from the time football came to Uganda to date. I was so happy to get to find a young man that was so interested in researching on the game of football in Uganda.

This young man was so pained like everyone of us that football is such an enterprises that many use to gain their selfish ends, but many have always told us how they use their own money to run football. In 2009, while still writing at UgaSport Publication, i told Mr. Jimmy Kirunda that football can bring unbelievable revenues to the game, country and will in turn employ thousands if we plan and have a structure in place that can be financed.

The management of football in Uganda has no difference to the way the whole country is run, hopefully football is not learning from its political leaders of the country. The one of the reasons why Uganda has lagged behind is corruption and bad policies so is Ugandan Football. When the late Denis Obua was taken away from Mengo we thought that the next breed had learned lessons and whatever was coming was the best, but these guys are worse than Denis with his administration football was still vibrant and people were still in the stadiums, companies were still sponsoring football.

When SOS started the campaign to bring us Mulindwa who has become a thorn in our football they never asked the right questions to the guy and his handlers. And the relevant question would have been what is your plan and program for football in Uganda? I remember during that time, all you could hear was the man has his money as if that was what football was lacking, now Ugandan Football needs more than money. Ugandan football needs a structural plan to grow football and program that will contribute its growth.

Back then, it was even better that all over the country we were organized in district teams that used to meet and play each other and a team was in place to help football administrators recommend good players to the national team coach, but right now Uganda is blessed with Copa Coca-cola a platform where clubs and the technical team of Uganda Cranes would have got players for our under 20 players. With a plan and program in place we would have where these lads can go and nurtured more in football. When calling young player we call older ones as if Uganda has no young footballer, this shows how confident we are not of our young talent.

Some analysts in Ugandan football are such disappointing, and for sure they have become noise makers rather than looking at what Uganda needs. Uganda is not looking for a football scout No! We are looking a manager, coach who will be able to deliver using the talent we have and bring on more from programs like Copa Coca Cola and other avenues where football talents can be got.

After Micho’s management at SC Villa no one can convince me that he will be the right man. What has he done with Rwanda a nation that injects much in football with a President who loves the game of football. Some of theses analysts have poor judgment and want to paint the Mengo administration in good light. I think your analysts can remain on getting internet stories and end up to tell you that they are knowledgeable.

As Ugandans who love our country and football played in this nation, we should be asking relevant questions on what really Ugandan football needs not what coaches that have been fired from certain countries and clubs have done. These chaps who copy and paste internet news forget that the coaches they are likening to Micho go in teams and countries that have a structure in football.


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