Basoga Vote Against NRM Come 2016 – Prince Gabula Nadiope VI

Prince Gabula Nadiope VI
Prince Gabula Nadiope VI

Gabula Nadiope Farouk a Busoga Prince has today called upon all Basoga to vote against the ruling NRM Party in 2016. On his facebook account he said; ”Hello Fellow Basoga, NRM has not helped Busoga grow and remember we are just being used. Therefore, let’s unite and show Mr. Museveni and his NRM that we are not stupid. Go 2016! Go vote against NRM!” see his facebook message in a photo as captured.


Gabula Nadiope VI a prince from the Bugabula where the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga hails from has spoken out and called upon all the Basoga to reject NRM and President Museveni come 2016. Prince Gabula Nadiope is a voter in Kagoma where former MP Dr. Frank Nabwiso hails from. Analysts say the President needed to be in Busoga which has been slipping out of the NRM’s grips but still the political opposition have not capitalized on this space like they would have. These six trips of him visiting and attending events have shifted the wave somewhat.

Recently the President who is the Chairman of the NRM Party has been in Busoga six times, he is also remembered to have donate money now commonly known as KAGUTA CASH IN SACKS to Busoga Youth Forum.

Nadiope VI’s call comes at a time when those who are against the NRM policies lack a voice in the region, the political opposition politicians in the region have slumbered and given President Museveni a chance to regain ground.

The people of Busoga have rejected NRM in one by-election so far conducted in the region, the first one saw his former minister of state for trade Igeme Nathan Nabeta and MP for Jinja East Constituency who was trounced by Mwiru Paul, who was born in Walukuba East in School Village something that made him more a son of the area than Igeme Nabeta who came from America and was MP two terms but abandoned the electorate. Paul Mwiru a lawyer seats on the Public Accounts Committee as the Vice Chairman.

Kirya was leading Migereko from the time they started counting and tallying the provision result of Butembe, but late in the night a miracle happened for Migereko which no one knows until today where the said votes came from to earn his win. On this backdrop, the ruling party worked so hard to see that there are no more by-elections in Busoga. The second by-elections would have been for Maureen Kyalya Walube who was later sweet talked by the President. Maureen withdrew the case from court and was made the Presidential Advisor on Poverty Alleviation Busoga Sub region.  Many voters from Jinja where she contested as the FDC District Member of Parliament swore that Maureen will never be elected by the people of Jinja, one Nabirye Madina from Main Street said she betrayed our trust for us we voted for FDC.

For example Kirya Vs Migereko, Dr. Nabwiso Frank Wilberforce v Electoral Commission & Anor. Submitted by Mariya on 6 February 2012 – 1:02pm. Case No: Election Pet. No 004Of 2011 and the  Kirya v Migereko & Anor. Submitted by Jane Mugala on 6 August 2012 – 8:28am. Case No: ELECTION REFERENCE APPEAL NO. 39 OF 2012.

After Maureen’s shift in political play, case by case was dismissed from the Jinja High Court Iddi Batambuze a voter in Kagoma falters believes that President Museveni’s hand and influence was heavily felt in this sequence of events, he says there was overwhelming evidence for all his MPs in Jinja to be thrown out of Parliament except for only one man Hon. Balyeku Moses who won because Harry Kasigwa of FDC abandoned the electorate.

Judging from how the region has been abandoned by the regime, but getting all kinds of ministers that have not helped to use their influence to lobby for any useful project for the voter who has suffered because social services have become a miracle for example Bugiri Hospital that has no power and the ceiling is about to fall on the patients.

Prince Gabula Nadiope VI comes at the right time says Rogers Makamba an LC 1 Zabef Village in Jinja East. Whether Dr. Nabwiso is not going to contest is another story but according the electorate the youth want their own and are saying it is their time to bring in progressive leadership and in Nadiope VI they see a leader they have been longing for. It is upto the Prince to leverage this opportunity.

Prince Gabula Farouk Kalulu Nadiope a gets his middle name from his grandfather, Sir Wiberforce Nadiope II, the first vice president of Uganda and former Busoga Kyabazinga (King). Prince Nadiope William Gabula VI, popularly known as Nadiope William is Fraouk’s cousin brother.

Prince Gabula attended his primary school at Nakasero, Batvalley, Mwiri and Buwenge T/S and later he joined Jinja S.S.S for his secondary school. Prince Gabula Nadiope is a graduate of Makerere University with a degree in Information Management.


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    YEAH BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The Bosoga Kingdom is a corporate body with perpetual powers of succession whereby it has a right to sue or be sued in courts of law. Busoga Kingdom (obwa Kyabazinga baw Busoga) comprises of 11 (eleven) hereditary Chiefdoms, each headed by a Hereditary Royal Chief.

    There has never been a custom in Busoga where all Basoga can contest for Kyabazingaship apart from the five Traditional Hereditary Rulers of the same clan the “Baise Ngobi Royal Clan” (BABITO)

    The five of the eleven Royal Chiefs eligible to the throne of Kyabazinga are;
    The Traditional Hereditably Royal Chiefs;

    1) Ngobi of Kigulu Chiefdom
    2) Nkono of Bukono Chiefdom
    3) Gabula of Bugabula BB Chiefdom
    4) Zibondo Wako the 3rd of Bulamogi Chiefdom.
    5) Tabingwa of Luuka Chiefdom.

    The other traditional Hereditably Royal Chiefs of Busoga Kingdom from other big Royal Clans ineligible for election are;

    1) Ntembe of Butembe Chiefdom
    2) Wakholi of Bukooli Chiefdom
    3) Luba of Bunha Chiefdom
    4) Menha of Bugweri Chiefdom
    5) Nanhumba of Bunanhumba / Bunhyole Chiefdom and
    6) Kisiki of Busiki Chiefdom

    Busoga Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy guided by Obwakyabazinga Bwa Busoga Constitutional 2000.

    1. The activities in Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga, are Governed by the said Constitution. Enclosed copy.

    2. The other pillars that Govern the Kingdom are:

    1) Isebantu the Kyabazinga of Busoga (King)
    2) The Prime Minister (Katukiro)
    3) The Hereditary Chiefs Royal council (the 11 Chiefs elect from among themselves a chairman Known as the Isabalangira)
    4) Busoga Lukiko (Parliament)
    5) The cabinet headed by the Prime Minister
    6) The clan leader’s executive committee (Abakungania)
    7) The Abambedha committee (Princesses)


    1. On 13th December, 2000, RIP HRH Isebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga, HENRY WAKO MULOKI at Bugembe Headquarters promulgated the “Constitution of Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga, 2000.

    2. On 1st September, 2008, the Kyabazinga of Busoga RIP HRH Henry Wako Muloki the Isebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga died and subsequently was buried on 8th September, 2008 at his ancestral home at his ancestral home in Kaliro.

    The Chairman Chief’s Royal Council /Chief Prince (Isabalangira), according to Busoga Constitution 2000 Article 6 (i), if and when the throne of the Kyabazinga falls vacant shall automatically became acting Kyabazinga pending election of a new king.

    3. On 31st October, 2008, in conjunction with the Prime Minister (Katukiro) of Busoga Kingdom the Issabalangila / acting Kyabazinga organized elections for the new Kyabazinga under the provisions of the “Constitution of Bwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga” which saw Edward Columbus Wambuzi validity elected as the Issebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga.

    8 members of the Chief’s Royal Council were physically present at the meeting convened for elections as provided by the law (Chief from; Butembe, Bugabula, Luuka, Bulamogi, Bunhole, Kisiki, Bunha, & Bukholi) including Prince Juma Munulo, the chiefs from Bugweri, Kigulu & Bukono were not present.

    Accordingly the Kyabazinga-elect was introduced to Busoga Lukiko by the Issabalangila where he was approved as required by law. Article 6 (vii), provides that he assumes office immediately.
    See approved minutes 1 and available election video footage.

    4. On 11th February, 2009 HRH. Edward Columbus Wambuzi was successfully coroneted and officially enthroned at Bugembe Kingdom Headquarters where he additionally took his oath as Kyabazinga of Busoga. The cultural enthronement functions were performed in the three traditional places:-MPUMWILE, IGENGE and LUWULO. Before the official one. See attached letter 2

    5. HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi severally reported to office without any disturbance before HH Chief Fred Kakaire Menha petitioned the High Court of Uganda (ELECTION PETITION NO 01 OF 2009) seeking for a court order restraining him from carrying on his duties as Kyabazinga; that the Busoga Constitution under which he was elected was invalid, seeking to invalidate the election of the Kyabazinga of Busoga; Court granted the interim order in favour of Chief Kakaire Menha and accordingly HRH. Columbus Wambuzi left office pending final disposal of the main suit. HH Gabula Nadiope swore an affidavit in support of the petition. copy attached

    6. Subsequently one Crammer Sajjabi Imaka and Kakaire Abubakari from Busoga petitioned the Constitutional Court of Uganda (CONSTITUTION PETITION NO. 0011 OF 2008) challenging the validity of the Busoga Constitution under which HRH Columbus Wambuzi was elected; seeking declaration that Busoga didn’t have a valid constitution and that the act of conducting elections of the new Kyabazinga under the “Constitution of Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga, 2000” is inconsistent with and in contravention of Articles 1, 21 37 and 246 of the Constitution of Uganda 1995 and therefore that the Constitution of Busoga was null and void.

    7. On 5th October 2009 out of pressure from the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga, the Issabalangila tried to organize another election which was outside the Kingdom Headquarters and it failed, this was at a time the seat of Kyabazinga was already occupied by HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi whose election was contested in courts of law seeking its nullification and court had not pronounced itself yet. Thus creating more confusion and factions influenced by the Speaker.

    8. During this period of uncertainty, HE The President, made several attempts to reconcile the two factions and they agreed to withdraw the cases in favors of another election if they so agreed however, the faction that went to court refused to comply to withdrawal of the court cases that, they had filed in court as the parties had agreed. Resolution 1

    This position persisted until the final dismissal of the constitutional and election petition case.

    9. On the 17th day of September 2009, fortunately, all the five Justices of Justice of the Constitutional Court of Uganda held the Constitution of Busoga 2000 as a valid constitution and that election that were conducted therein were lawful and in accordance with the enacted constitution of Busoga 2000 and that no provision of the Ugandan consititution was violated. See copy of the ruling attached marked 3

    10. When the petitioners lost the Constitutional case, they abandoned the election petition case and it dragged on till finally on the 14th day of December 2011 Her Lordship Lady Justice Flavia Angling Ssenoga at the Jinja High Court of Uganda dismissed the petition for lack of prosecution with costs to the plaintiff.
    See copy of their thought decelerations and order by court marked 4

    In the circumstances, there was no legal impending claim invalidating the election of HRH a Columbus Wambuzi as the substantive Kyabazinga of Obwa Kyabazinga bwa Busoga because, the dismissal of the main suit was that the status quo that obtained at the time of filing the case would immediately re-obtain.

    11. HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi made several attempts to resume duty but would be blocked and denied access by the Uganda Police forces claiming “the orders were from above”

    This continued for years putting the Kingdom in a situation where the office of the substantive Kyabazinga could not operate as it was supposed to be.

    12. On 18st January 2012, the Hereditary Chiefs Royal Council meeting put forward that after dismissal of election petition NO 1 of 2009, they confirmed and declared HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi the Kyabazinga of Busoga. See declaration attached marked 5.

    13. Furthermore, following the expiration of the Busoga Likiiko on 1st January 2012, the Prime Minister wrote to all Hereditary Royal Chiefs informing them of the expiration of Busoga Lukiiko and he requested them to prepare their respective Chiefdoms in preparation of elections of new members of Busoga Lukiko. Unfortunately, the Royal Chiefs did not respond because, the biggest challenge was Government’s failure to recognize that Busoga has a legitimate Kyabazinga as the head of initiation so the Chiefs remain operating in isolation of each other.
    See legal advice former chief Justice 7.

    14. In a letter dated 26th May 2012 addressed to the Hon. Minister of Gender and Social Affair HE The president directed the Issabalangila to continue holding the office of Kyabazingaship in acting capacity. See copy attached marked 6.

    15. After 2 years around February 2014 the Royal Chiefs selected specific persons as members of Busoga Lukiko, contravening Article 23 (b) provide by the Busoga constitution 2000; thus creating a big problem for the clan heads, leaders, chiefdom structures and obwa Kyabazinga bwa Busoga Kingdom contrary to our tradition and culture norms.

    16. On 12th April 2014 the irregularly constituted Busoga Lukiiko was sworn in at a hotel in Jinja with the support of the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, who latter sought for them audience with HE The President on the 16th April 2014 at State House Entebbe because, the Kingdom’s Royal Guards denied the illegal Lukiko access to Bugembe headquarters,
    see letter from one of the persons who attended the said meeting.

    However, the said Busoga Lukiiko was challenged in court by M/s Obwakyabazinga Bwa Busoga. An interim order was obtained in the interest of justice that the status quo was to be maintained until the matter would be heard interparties. Attached copy for reference.

    17. Despite the court order, on 8th May 2014 the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament who is the custodian of the law with the help and protection of Uganda Police forcefully lead the created Busoga Lukiko to Bugembe the Kingdom’s offices in the name of implementing HE The President’s directive to the Minister of Gender and Social Development, of which the Hon. Minister of Gender. Hon. Nakadama Lukia in her letter dated 28th April 2014 addressed to the Prime Minister of Busoga Kingdom clearly pointed out that she had stopped various Busoga matters including the handing over on the advice of the Attorney General Hon. Ruhindi Fred. Copies attached for reference.

    18. HE The President was later invited to Inaugurate Busoga Likiko at Bugembe the Kingdom’s headquarters however The President did not pronounce himself on that matter. Although the impression being created is that The President legalized that said Busoga Likiko which case is still in court.

    19. As if that was not enough, on 27th July 2014 the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament facilitated a platform (Kimenza kind of) on which she was the Chief Guest and she gave the Royal Chiefs an Ultimatum of 27 days to produce and introduce to her a Kyabazinga that, was disappointed about how she had spent a lot of her money on the Royal Chiefs for that matter or else the women should stop wearing Gomesis.
    To the onlookers this is an intimidation.

    During that gathering, the hooligans who accompanied the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, undressed demanding that they needed a Kyabazinga.

    20. On 13th August 2014 the Issabalangilla convened a chief royal council meeting in which they received a letter from HRH; Wambuzi Columbus copied to all the Hereditary Royal Chiefs demanding an explanation as to why he was denied access to his office as Kyabazinga which was subject to discussion. I therefore the Issabalangila made an official communication to Owek George Mutyabule instructing him to suspend the said Busoga Lukiko that was scheduled for 21st August 2014 in view of suit no 64 of 2014 and given the so many anomalies taking place at the Kingdom among which included;

    • Continued business at the Kingdom against a court order and the building up tension among the Royal Chiefs and public that created by ultimatum given to us by the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament.

    • Uganda Police in particular the OC Bugembe taking part in the Kingdom’s administration to a level of deciding who comes in and who should not, who the right chief is and who wasn’t.

    • An irregular act of Owek. George Mutyabule forcefully attending / participating in the Chiefs Royal Council meetings and giving directions.

    • Having different prince claiming legality of the Hereditary Chief’s throne and or positions etc. see copies attached

    21. On 21st August 2014 the Issabalangilla responded to HRH Wambuzi Columbus’s said letter explaining the whole situation. Attached copy

    22. On 23rd August 2014 the Chiefs were meant to have a Chiefs Royal Council meeting as a follow up of the 13th August 2014 meeting and to discuss the cabinet and Kyabazinga issue in relation to the letter from HRH E. D. Wambuzi.

    However, the powers as Issabalangila / Ag. Kyabazinga were usurped by Chief Juma Munulo and he hijacked and chaired that council meeting which had been convened by the Issabalangilla.

    • Chief Juma Munulo unconstitutionally suspended some of the Articles in the constitution of Obwa Kyabazinga bwa Busoga regarding the election of the Kyabazinga and required quorum.

    • He allowed non Chiefs Royal Council members such as, Owek. George Mutyabule to deliberate and attend the Chief’s Royal meeting; Mutyabule threw out HRH. Edward Columbus Wambuzi’s letter addressed to the Issabalangila as Chief Prince and forcefully imposed on Illegal election of Chief Gabula as Kyabazinga when the throne of Kyabazinga was not vacant.

    23. On 23rd August 2014 HH Gabula William erroneously wrote to Issabalangila an acceptance letter purported to have been elected as Kyabazinga which meeting was not chaired by Issabalangila as required by Busoga Constitution Article 6(iii), therefore, On the 24th August 2014. The Issabalangila replied his letter accordingly. see copies.

    The Constitution of Busoga Kingdom requires that:

    1) A Kyabazinga of Busoga is elected when the throne of the Isebantu Kyabazinga falls vacant (Article 6 (ii). In this case, the throne is not vacant due to the fact that HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi is still in office as the elected Kyabazinga (who was elected on 31st October 2008).

    2) Article 6 (iii) provides that the Isabalangira shall serve a 21 days written notice to all the Chiefs Royal Council. In this case there was no notice to that effect; not even a verbal one.

    3) The Isabalangira /Chairman of the Chiefs Royal Council chair a meeting of the Chiefs Royal Council.

    4) Only the substantive Hereditary Chiefs should physically attend in person a meeting for purposes of electing the Kyabazinga and not representation.

    5) The quorum of the Hereditary chief should be 8 members but those who attended that meeting where chief Gabula was elected were only five chiefs and a notice for members to come knowing that they were going for elections was not given! See copy of an explanation EX.

    24. On 25th August 2014 the speaker of parliament of Uganda lead Chief Juma Munulo and other four members of the Chiefs Royal Council to the illegally constituted Busoga Lukiiko to approve the purported elected Kyabazinga which mandate is only vested in the Issabalangilla Article 6; who refrained from participating in an illegality and on the instructions of the Rt. Hon. Speaker he was manhandled by the Uganda police in an effort to force him to go to Bugembe Headquarters so that he could introduce Chief Gabula to the said Busoga Lukiko as Kyabazinga. Which Lukiko was contested in court of law and an interim order obtained suspending its activities.

    25. On 29th August 2014 at a ceremony organized by the clan leaders, and outgoing Busoga Lukiko at Nakabango Palace and attended by many people of Busoga, the Issabalangila decided to hand over the instruments of power of the Kyabazingaship of Busoga to the legitimate Kyabazinga of Busoga, HRH Edward Columbus Wambuzi followed by a communication to the Minister of Gender in a letter dated 29th August 2014. See copy

    The prime minister and leader of clans petitioned the constitution court suing the speaker of parliament, attorney general and the people who voted.





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