Alupo Stuck In The Muddy Waters of Football.


I have been following these developments from the time the committee was set up to discover the problems between USL and FUFA. The committee came up with important points that needed to be resolved in order for the administration and management of football be empowered to bring the needed changes in the game. Both parties agreed to the report. When the ministry came in, I thought that they would use the report as authored by the committee but I afraid they have dust binned it for interests not known.

The idea of ending the parallel league in Uganda football is very important and clears the way for the growth of the game of football. I must commend the minister that it was a nice move though faltered on how this concern should have been managed. My point is you cannot throw out a stakeholder who has sponsors on their plate and consider who has nothing in regards to corporate sponsorship.

I think the minister never considered the history of FUFA and corporate Uganda, she never asked herself questions why corporate Uganda has continually stayed away from the FUFA led league for many years. Corporate Uganda cannot invest were officials lack ability to provided value for money, no return on investment and lack of accountability at the center stage of their administration. Did she think about all that before making her final way forward?

 I am pretty confused and also frankly quite appalled and disappointed by the minister, especially since she even made two statements on the same matter within a day of each other, and yet they were totally different. Begs the question, why did she change her initial stance? I believe there is a lot to this matter, which meets the ‘ordinary’ Ugandan eye?

I laugh when I hear someone saying that they invest their own money in the game of football. Why invest your money when football can make money for everyone, employ thousands indeed I call this selfish and exploitative reasoning. Someone who has been at the helm of the football administration for that long cannot say that they are using their money to run the game. This allegation of investing their money in the game of football is an indication that they have failed to show ability to innovation, skillset to attract sponsorship from corporate Uganda.

After the two statements that Hon. Alupo delivered to the football fraternity and Ugandans show ideological misfit on her regarding football and she never compared performance and legality of the existing administration. If the men at Mengo knew that Obua had registered FUFA as a limited company did they address it to the relevant institution of National Council of Sports or they continue to swim in the muddy waters at FUFA House?

I have said it before that we need an overhaul in the game of football whether we involve FIFA, government and other stakeholders to get the change Ugandans need. FUFA needs to be disbanded and a new administration be put in place and football delegates need to show that they will contribute to the growth of the game not just coming to vote for money and goodies at every assembly.

Now the minister is stuck in the muddy waters of football with the football mafias.


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