War on Corruption a Lost Battle

Our MPs eating the eaters' style.
Our MPs eating the eaters’ style.

The ninth Parliament has made it known to Ugandans that the fight against corruption is a total waste of time. The legislators are good at barking to those who come before them but with no actions it remains as pretense before the electorate.

At the beginning of the ninth Parliament, Ugandans were given a temporary smile  on their faces when MPs seemed to be united on matters concerning corruption across the political divide, but when the NRM called all their MPs for a retreat in Kyankwanzi the lyrics of the song on corruption changed tremendously. Those who were before court were forgiven by President Museveni who has become a champion of everything and all institution he decides who goes to jail and comes out. The president has failed the fight against corruption by always intervening on behalf of those suspect which ends up jeopardizing the whole process.

 According to statistics Uganda looses over 500 billion every year and more in the hands of corrupt men and woman in the public offices. Following the continued scandals in government ministries and the latest being the Office of the Prime (OPM) where government has repaid over 38 billion back to donors and according the office of OPM and the executive the money that was stolen in that office has not been known yet.

The OPM scandals deprived development projects from the people of Northern who had been in IDP camps for almost 20 years after being sent there to flee the wrath of Kony and his men. All those involved in the scam are still at large after only one man Geofrey Kazinda is behind bars in Luzira Prison. The investigations of OPM done by the Public Accounts Committee have not helped much as the culprits were handled with baby gloves. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of PAC both MPs of FDC have now no will to question anyone on matters regarding misappropriation of tax payers money after they refused to return the controversial 5 million given to MPs by President Museveni.

 Recently General Salim Saleh asked the IGG Irene Mulyagonja to provide amnesty to the corrupt who in turn will pay taxes to the country. Taxes are paid when one get an income but how you pay taxes from what you have stolen this means we will be legalizing corruption from a crime to a form of an income. Chris Obore the investigative Journalist of Daily Monitor and the executive director of Acode Godber Tumushabe on facebook they came out to support the move which left me wondering whether corruption will ever be wiped out of this country.

We must make corruption a risky business but before we embark on this fight, let the legislature start by enacting a law that will punish these selfish men and women to an extent of attaching all their properties in the move to recover all money looted by those individuals.


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