Mangeni Can Steal The Clock But Not The Time.


Growing up in a small busy town like Jinja taught me a lot. I would like to share the stories that I grew up to know and appreciate. While growing up in the Stone City, I was blessed to be around progressive people who worked in government led enterprises that are no more as of this day.

Badru worked in Uganda Railways Corporations with my cousin brother Zziwa Jaguar Julius these guys worked for MV Kawa and Kabalega under Uganda Railways Corporation. The MVs used to boost Jinja town with lots of trade, men and women came from Tanzania and Kenya you could tell by hearing the alien Swahili spoken by them.

Badru was a flashy and trendy like brother, he wanted to be the first one to own something among his friends and workmates, so while in Mwanza, he bought wall clock that had an alarm and back then it was not an easy thing to find one with it, unless they had access to Kenya and Tanzania. Badru bought his clock to help him wake up early to prepare for his early morning travels either to Ripon in Jinja or Port Bell in Luzira where these MVs would dock.

So on the day he bought the clock a one Mangeni known for his sticky fingers in the community passed through Badru’s neighborhood, but later in the day while Badru was in the bathroom showering, he heard someone in his living room, he quickly came out to see who the person was on reaching, the gentleman was running out with his new wall clock and small TV. Badru made an alarm to alert his neighbors who were also joined in to indicate there is a thief in the area. When Badru’s neighbors came to his rescue, he told them that the face and structure of the person who stole his stuff was not new to him. On describing the person, one neighbor said; that one is Mangeni who is found of stealing from this neighborhood.

Badru and his neighbors decided to go and check out Mangeni’s place but before reaching his place, Badru being a cool headed man pleaded with his friends and neighbors who were carrying machetes, knives, big sticks and petrol in jerrycans with match boxes patiently to waited to see and catch him with the stolen electronics. We have to give him a chance to accept or deny said Badru who knocked Mangeni’s front house door, he came out with a question; “Has anyone died?” asked Mangeni; who said; “I am coming from bed but you guys have woken me up by your noise and the knocking on the door”. So how can I be of help? asked Mangeni and one resident replied; we are looking for a thief who stole a small TV and wall clock. This thief looks like you answered Waiswa.

Can we enter your house and do a search for our properties? Badru kindly requested of Mangeni’s cooperation which came in handy, but on searching nothing was found in Mangeni’s house, but Badru’s insisted that his gut feeling was telling him Mangeni was that man he had seen run away with his electronics. Mangeni called for everyone to leave his home because he needed to sleep for a new day was on its way and nothing had been found in his house.

But Badru said; “My wall clock was set up to make an alarm at 3:30am, so we will wait until 3:30am and if it does not go off, I will ask for forgiveness before everyone here and we will leave your house sir. So everyone waited patiently, then at exactly 3:30am, the alarm went off and since everyone was waiting for the alarm, they turned and look to see where it was coming from but Mangeni used that opportunity to apply a Usain Bolt like thunder sprint to save his dear life. No one could try and go after him since he was quick to use the opportunity to run away from the wrath of the people.

Badru after reclaiming his property that had been stolen by Mangeni, he made a statement that has never gone out of my mind.

Mangeni can steal the clock but not the time.It requires a patient person and cool headed in order to be able to get the justice you deserve.

There are so many Mangenis in government institutions, Civil service and others in the private sector that have stolen the clock from the taxpayer and the consumers but not the time. One day all the Mangenis will run away from time, because it will prove them wrong and they will be on the wrong side of the law and history.

There are so many Mangenis who are going to be caught up by time and it would be too late for them and the only way, will be to flee from the wrath of the people they have been stealing from them for a long time. Start by identifying your Mangenis in your community or government and note what they have stolen and stand up and tell them that we know you stole from us.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    Beautiful message


    1. shawnmubiru says:

      Thanks David for reading and appreciating.


  2. @jjwaziri says:

    Hahaaa nice 1 my bro. He can steal the clock but not the time.


    1. shawnmubiru says:

      Yes did you read the story?


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