The Silence About The Musumba Matter.


It is now the third week after former Minister Isaac Musumba and his business clients were arrested by the Indian authorities. The matter started as a game when many words were exchanged between the accused, journalists and their media houses. That night i labored to find out the truth from the hotel and the lady was not helpful but confirmed that the trio had been detained and questioned by the Indian Police.

From the Ugandan High Commission in Indian, it was confirmed that the trio had been arrested, question and charged with extortion by the Indian authorities, a move that was rejected by Musumba’s lawyer and Musumba himself. Musumba’s lawyer cited that there was blackmail coming from the Uganda High Commission i tasked him to explain on that but he was speaking gibberish on the matter.

There is a growing silence on the Musumba matter and the way government has handled it, can we say you are good when you are defending their position, but when dark clouds meet you on this life journey called ”Civilian Life” you forget collective responsibility and go it alone.

The Musumba case is like many others where Ugandans have been arrested and convicted to longer periods in foreign prisons and their government has done nothing. But this is the right time to ask when does a Ugandan get to be proud that he is a Ugandan?

Unlike Musumba and his friends, Al Haji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala is the only one who was proud to be in a foreign prison and later went ahead to use to win a popular vote as Mayor of Kampala. On this note where Ugandans voting against the regime or there were just excited to vote an Ex-convict as their mayor? After sometime, the Nekolela Mali politician decided to “Put His Behind” rallying behind President Museveni in 2011 general elections. His “Putting The Behind” was paid off with an advisory job after being rejected by the appointments committee that his papers were lacking as they weighed them using a minimal yard stick of an advanced level certificate.

Back to the point of my brother Musumba hope his former employers still remember him and know that he is in need. It is this time that Musumba will begin defining who is a friend and acquaintance.


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