Mourinho’s Management Style Provides No Continuity


Jose Mourinho is such a good manager in the game of football, he has a number of trophies to his name both in national leagues across Europe and he is a household name in the European Cup. While at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and now at Real Madrid his football career is littered by a number of trophies and golden moments.

Notwithstanding his success as a manager, Jose Mourinho has failed to mature in his managerial career, maturity in the case that he can provide any football club continuity. Bigger clubs in Europe that value the aspect of building up teams to last for winning and dominating cannot rely on his management style. Mourinho can be easily drawn in contention with players and he fails to take control or show that he is the man of the moment.

While at Chelsea, the Portuguese had a bitter exchange with John Terry the Chelsea Captain, because he failed to reign in when he came in as the manager of Chelsea, the “I am Bigger Than Club” Syndrome grew by the day and indeed caught up with his weak managerial style that led to his exit at Chelsea.

Currently at Real Madrid Jose Mourinho has a Player – Manager Contention with Pepe’ the Portuguese defender. This proves that my argument correlates with the examples I am giving on questioning Mourinho’s management style.

Mourinho’s reign in football management can coupled with luck, money and the zeal to use the power of oration to the press and the ability to strike the right cord with them. His controversial positions have made him a darling in sport media around the world.

Mourinho as manager patience is not on his plate, the man is always ready to move to the next club that calls his name and gives him the right price tag of his services. Clubs that Mourinho has managed and left have never proved to be stable because the element of continuity is always park aside when Mourinho arrives. Clubs that have thrived on having men who value continuity cannot entertain the services of Mourinho.

Chelsea is fighting for dear life to qualify for season’s Champions League, but Inter Milan has no chance to play in the CL next season because they are enjoying their eighth position and that is life after Mourinho. Though Mourinho’s first year of business is coupled with success, this is the kind that cannot last.

Speculations making rounds in England, but Manchester United cannot lock on their target on Mourinho because if they did that would be the end of their dominance in England, Mourinho’s style of management can be easily terms as a Run-Away Management. With all the speculation around his neck Mourinho cannot give Real Madrid value for their money in his second year of business, but he is busy responding to whether he will be leaving the club and heading back to Chelsea, that kind of management is not health for any business.


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  1. @jjwaziri says:

    I ve got ua point. He is a gud trainer but a bad manager


    1. shawnmubiru says:

      Hehehe something like that


  2. nze muzukulu wa Namugera Kakeeto e’Bbaale eyedila Omutima Omuyanja nkwaniliza era ndi musanyufu nyo olwomulimu gwokwasidwa okutambuza obuganda,’Ekifa Munyanja Omuvubi Yabika’ Ssabasaja Empologoma Ya Buganda Awangaale !


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