Amnesty is a controversial option to NRM Promise to Ugandans.

Ugandan reading the Daily Monitor articles on corruption
Ugandan reading the Daily Monitor articles on corruption

Corruption is like cancer in the country whether it is a democratic or a republic or a monarchy. If the roots of this evil are not destroyed, it tends to grow again and again, spoiling the very foundation upon which the government can be built.

Corruption not only spoils the self but is also infectious as it has the capability to tempt others around to do the same sin. In corruption, not only those who receive must be punished but also those who offer because they encourage corruption.

Lord Acton said “power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’’ So those who are in power must be more aware of corruption and see to it that they do not fall a prey to this obnoxious practice of corruption.

Amnesty is a controversial option to NRM Promise to Ugandans in the 2011 Manifesto.

I find it absurd to hear that one who is seeking Amnesty for the corrupt is one who has been soaked in it but forgiven by his brother who is the President in the current administration. I would like to argue that giving amnesty to the tax payer’s money thieves is one green flag for those who have not stolen to go ahead and steal then later seek amnesty. My brother Godber Tumushabe and Chris Obore have indeed fired a blank on this one.

I have failed to understand why our brothers and sisters sought to take such a controversial stand against the NRM manifesto of 2011, if I may, let me remind them that NRM agreed and promised Ugandans to fight corruption to Zero. So by calling upon the Inspector General of Government to institute amnesty to the thieves is one way to say that the NRM government has totally failed to fight corruption.

The current scandals show how much Ugandans have lost to these selfish greed men and women in public offices has drastically shot up to record numbers. I want tell all Ugandans that the will to fight corruption must come from the President. 

The question on the floor as we tread the way to 2016 should be has NRM failed to fight corruption? The crystal clear answer is ‘YES’, The way President Museveni tends to handle the corrupt in his government clear shows that under his administration, corruption will always thrive like selling gold and coffee on the world market.  I have come to a clear cut knowledge that It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.

Now these Godbers and Obores of this world I call upon you to resist the temptation of the evil one who has encircle himself upon you and taken away your power of judgment towards the subject of corruption. There is only one way to fighting corruption those who are subject to it must be face the law and be punished if found guilty. The lady justice Irene Mulyagonja the IGG is right to reject for the call of amnesty.

Parliament of Uganda should by now have a law to punish and confiscate those caught in the racket of having sticky fingers in the tax payer’s monies.


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