Isaac Musumba Now a Seya?

Isaac Musumba
Isaac Musumba

The news dropped in from Mumbai in India that Isaac Musumba and his friends had made us proud by exporting some of the bad manners that kept the ruling government labeled full of corrupt men and women. Isaac and his friends are being questioned by the MRA marg police on a registered case of extortion, fraudulent removal or concealment of property, and common intention against the trio.

ImageWhen President Museveni visited his Rwandese counterpart President Kagame he said; “Uganda has “so many thieves” who have frustrated government programmes that should have benefitted its citizens.”

This statement was not red flagged by the members of the executive or legislature, but it was a sweeping statement that was acknowledging the fact that all reports made on Uganda were true that President Museveni is fully aware of the plunder that is taking place in his government but has just chosen to give it a deaf ear.

Seya Arrested in United States of America

On June 13, 1998, by then Mayor of Kampala Al Haji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala was arrested in United States of America, Nasser Ssebagala, was pulled off a Sabena Airways flight enroute to Brussels and then to Entebbe. Initial reports indicated that he had been arrested in a case involving stolen traveler’s cheques.

In court, the US authorities charged Ssebagala with six counts of fraud and two of making false declaration.

According to them, the man, fondly known by his supporters back home as Seya, had engineered a grand scam to defraud a bank in the United States Bank Boston. What followed was a court process that stirred up enough drama to dominate Uganda national news for the next six months.

Now the former fraudulent man and former Mayor of Kampala was later appointed by President Museveni as his adviser on general duties a sign that integrity was not part of his government and when people like Isaac Musumba are arrested for fraud and extortion, they will still be in the legislature proving another point that there is no rule of law in Uganda or certain individuals belonging to NRM are above the law.

You can imagine Isaac Musumba who is not in the “Kintu” using “Kintu Like” Tactics to defraud an organization in another nation where orders from above and no NRM caucus to help him walk free don’t exist. What do you think he can do in Uganda where that setting favors him?

In a sane government that respects the rule of law, these two MPs would be out of Parliament for violating the leadership code. The last I heard from Mary Karooro Okurut was that the ruling party was in negotiation with the Indian government to send back these men.

When Ugandans were arrested in China on charges of selling drugs yet they had been committed to serve harsh punishments including death in China the government was silent about it. Many Ugandans have been arrested and the ruling government has not engaged any of the governments like UK and China to send back Ugandans to serve their prison time in Uganda.

For your information, the Isaac Musumba case is normal in the eyes of the ruling government and they can even plead for them because they are members of systems that tolerate such unacceptable manners in any organization state and law abiding country.


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