Having a Muslim Name makes me no Terrorist.

So having a Muslim name in America/Canada makes you a terrorist? Africans being questioned thinking there are Somalians or Libyans! For one, i have a Muslim name it makes me no terrorist or Somalian but simply i am a Ugandan who is Colonizing Somalian for United States of America and the UN. And also giving them an opportunity to govern themselves and bring back sanity to their land. My brothers and sisters in uniform have laid their lives in that land for the sake of Somalians.
I have come to believe for a man or woman to be an extremist or a terrorist they loose faculties that understand that human deserve to live and just like a man believe that taking drugs makes you feel cool and on top of the world is the way these heartless men and woman are brain washed.

I want to make it known that Islam not at one time teaches that when you kill a man, woman or child who believes not in the Islamic doctrine will give you an automatic ticket to Allah’s paradise (Jannah) but it indeed passes on a one way ticket to ever lasting fire (Jahannam).

The whole ideas preoccupied in our brothers and sisters in the US, Canada and other parts of the world that every Muslim or name that has a Muslim roots simply means that the person is terrorist is an ignorant and wishful thinking that can be compared to a person who is about to cross a road and remembers to check his or her safe in the middle of it.

In Africa particularly Uganda our boarders are so porous and for sure we can have people come in and go out without even noticing. I believe that with the technology and vetting capabilities the west has their staff deployed on all boarder entries are the ones that must be sober at all times checking every point with a singleness of heart and making sure that there is no gap for that particular person to cause harm to the innocent citizens of their nation.

Being a Muslim name is not in anyway an equation to being a terrorist. So what can we call those Americans who are not even Muslims but buy guns and go on rampage and kill innocent students in high schools and universities if you don’t call such people terrorists what can you call them.

The fact that America or Canada are nations with such great freedoms the government should limit or even ban certain materials to be bought by any person if companies and stores that selling materials that can be used to make harmful objects or elements must be monitored without a drop of a minute to make sure the citizens of that country are safe then let it be down.


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