Give The Official Bribe To OTTO.

Odonga Otto - MP for Aruu County
Odonga Otto – MP for Aruu County

Last week after hearing that MPs were to receive UGX 5,000,000 for the Marriage and Divorce Bill but the sober ones in the political opposition led by their leader Hon. Nathan Nandala – Mafabi agreed that the money was not needed because they are paid enough to do the same consultations in their consistencies.Why cheat the tax payer by assisting the executive to siphon more from the treasury from a bleeding economy.

But when the media faced Odonga Otto a legislator for Aruu County, he told them that he would not take back the money, Otto has never seen no reason to take back such kind of money and also he is no stranger to controversies regarding parliamentary money given to legislators by the President Museveni.

During an interview by The Observer he said; “My view is that all opposition MPs who want to return the money should instead give it to me.’’ I find it unfortunate for a lawyer and MP to call this money an official bribe. So does this mean that he is tired of receiving the official bribes that have always been provided by President Museveni? For him to compared himself with Nelson Mandela is such an insult ridiculed to the man who has done so much for the people of South Africa.

I find the man’s interview responses simplistic and childish, if Parliament cannot help mature and transform certain members into mature political personalities then there should be a specific age bracket that should be legislated for an MP to contest and become one.

His call for all the opposition MPs who will return the money to mature and take the official bribe is such an immature call that should be disregarded to render him as money minded and selfish.

When I engaged the legislator last week all I got from Odonga Otto was “silly’’ as a response something I never expected a man of his caliber to use and after this interview I have been able to qualify him childish and immature.

How is the call for maintaining a moral ground in order to have respected and more independent vessels in our MPs to check on the excesses of the ruling government be thrown to the dogs because Otto wants more money to add to his purse?

Shame upon this 15 years experienced MP in eating the official bribe and we will always remember him as a eater than a leader.


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