Expelled but still in the House – NRM Rebels


The news about the NRM MPs dubbed “Rebel MPs” started to make circulation on social media at about 10pm last night. The men that were affected in the said expulsion by the NRM Central Executive Committee include; Hons. Barnabas Tinkasimire, Theodore Ssekikubo, Mohammed Nsereko, Wilfred Nuwagaba and Mujuni Vicent.

The Parliament act protects members of Parliament unless they have crossed one Political party to another. The above mentioned men are still strong members of Parliament as per the Parliamentary act;

83. Tenure of office of members of Parliament.

(1) A member of Parliament shall vacate his or her seat in


(a) if he or she resigns his or her office in writing signed by him or her and addressed to the Speaker;

(b) if such circumstances arise that if that person were not a member of Parliament would cause that person to be disqualified for election as a member of Parliament under article 80 of this Constitution;

(c) subject to the provisions of this Constitution, upon dissolution of parliament if that person is absent from fifteen sittings of Parliament without permission in writing of the Speaker during any period when

Parliament is continuously meeting and is unable to offer satisfactory explanation to the relevant parliamentary committee for his or her absence;

if that person is found guilty by the appropriate tribunal of violation of the Leadership Code of Conduct and the punishment imposed is or includes the vacation of the office of a member of Parliament;

(f) if recalled by the electorate in his or her constituency in accordance with this Constitution;

(g) if that person leaves the political party for which he or she stood as a candidate for election to Parliament to join another party or to remain in Parliament as an independent member;

(h) if, having been elected to Parliament as an independent candidate, that person joins a political party;

(i) if that person is appointed a public officer.

(2) Notwithstanding clause (1)(g) and (h) of this article, membership of a coalition government of which his or her original political party forms part shall not affect the status of any member of Parliament.

(3) The provisions of clauses (1)(g) and (h) and (2) of this article shall only apply during any period when the multiparty system of government is in operation.

All of the above mentioned where is expulsion???? This law protects them strongly to remain in the House.

It is time for the political opposition to put its house in order so that they can start working in unison. Ugandans need MPs who will join hands and work for the good of the country not for the political parties.

Ugandans are yawning for a team of patriots who can put their interests first than interests of a clique. And this calls for men and women who can be belittled to threats and dealing with their future political life because the decision to run for any particular political office is done for the love of country.

The future of these MPs will depend on whether they are ready to continue treading the path of putting Uganda first and how the political opposition will welcome them as partners in checking the excesses of the NRM or they choose going back on bending knees to where they are being expelled from.

We will be watching closely how these MPs will conduct their business in Parliament.  


One Comment Add yours

  1. dngarz says:

    So those guys are retaining their seats.
    Let me hope their former CEO won’t be following them up.


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