Posted: April 11, 2013 in Politics

1. Vehement Corruption:

Uganda has been ranked as of the most corrupt countries in the world a vice that has taken away so much from the poor. Case in point the OPM Scandal that took services away from the highly deprived and vulnerable people in Northern Uganda. And again, they took from the tax payers coffers funds as these thieves saved themselves and their faces before the donor community, they took money from the consolidated fund and paid for their sins.

How many of us even do know who is truly responsible for this massive theft of OPM funds, because we have been treated to drama day in, day out. It is unthinkable to buy a Mercedes for the Prime Minister at 500 million UGX from funds devoted by donors to revamp Northern Uganda.

As if the curtain had not been dropped yet, than the Minister incharge of Karamoja region answers 9 out 10 questions in the Public Accounts Committee with the response ” I DON’T KNOW”

2. Non Functional Educational System:

 This education system in Uganda today only appeals to numbers rather than quality, this can be manifested in the numerous UPE graduates that can hardly read, write and add double figures.


 The Agriculture scheme dubbed NAADS was such a brilliant idea to adopt by an 80% agricultural based economy. Little than did we know that the corruption mosaic would eat it up. HE. The President of the repbulic of Uganda spent a better half of 2011 running around the entire country firing Subcounty NAADS Coordinators.

 For the little support gazzetted to the agricultural sector, much of the good research done remains on paper and never implemented.

 It is imperative to concentrate where you are strongest, the arm of government should concentrate on where there are strongest for example (a functional social sector, extended well serviced road network, graduating from health centres 3/4 to referral regional hospitals) and leave the other arm of society to handle marital, cultural and religious issues.

 This process of gallivanting issues by government has given us little or no results at all.


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