When Our Leaders Became Eaters.

In a country where it is okay to plunder and the citizenry is okay with it, shows how deep the cancer has eaten the moral fabric. Leaders are men and women who are supposed to show difference in advocating for the poor but not for themselves as leaders.

In 1986, the nation was full of excitement and hope when this man with a hat had come and promised a much better future and hope was in our eyes because it was not a mere change of guard, but a fundamental change.

After sometime, the man shifted from a fundamental change to no change a phrase that Ugandans have never understood until today.

It was supposed to be no change; Ugandans would not enjoy freedom of rights, because they had agreed to be damned meaning with no progress. So, they sang and danced to the tune of no change. It is not changing no drugs in hospitals, teachers and medical workers will always be paid crumps, no change to poor roads and soon we will be blessed with load shedding how about that?

When an MP says it is okay to eat money left and right then you know that indeed Ugandans deserve the leaders they vote for. The day Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju will end up eating this blood money is the same day i will start my campaign against him as an MP.

I am writing this piece because men like Odonga Otto who are surviving on whichever lump sum that President Museveni gives to the house for his survival is such unfortunate to Ugandans who look up to them for meaningful change. Looks like some men and women in the politicalk opposition have climbed the wagon or bus of no change.

So can he stand up tomorrow and fight corruption when he is part of it?

Our MPs eating the eaters' style.

When you dine with the devil, be sure you are ready to dance with the devil and do all manner of evil practices that he does.

When men and women who are supposed to check on government excesses end up eating with it, then it means that the small numbers that are supposed to do the job are becoming smaller each day and indeed they have subscribed to no change.


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