208498_184287101616886_2681682_nOne day i went to meet the CEO of FUFA Mr. Edgar Watson for a chat about Corporate Sponsorship and marketing the beautiful game of football.

When i reached at FUFA House as the headquarter of the game of football, i expected to find people busy discussing business but i was shocked to see men and women eating Katogo and seated on top of their desks something that means that there is no work to be done but a place to hang out. What shocked me was finding dirty chaps speaking loudly on top of their voices, playing Ludo and this indeed proved how much work was not at Mengo FUFA House.

The game of football has evolved from that game played and managed by non-school going chaps, but it is now an elite game that is won physically, skillfully, scientifically and technically. Mengo – Mulindwa administration seems to be only thinking about one ground and that is physical tactic of winning.

The game of football has created employment world over, a CEO is hired and a team to work with him must be professionals not Radio and TV presenters who have made the loudest voice to promote your agenda in staying around while you are making money and some of the members of your administration enjoying. Professional men and women must be hired to bring results that will grow the game of football so that structures that will help the game grow from grassroots to the national team are put in place.

When Uganda Cranes loses a game, the Mulindwa Administration and Ugandans loose. Things must change both in managing and playing game of football in Uganda and at Mengo or else we will continually go to Namboole Stadium to receive shocks over and over again, while Mulindwa and group count shillings in their cars smiling to the bank.

The game of football must grow and be appreciated by players, administrators and institutions that have nurtured players, but let us not be selfish and stand in the way of progressing the game of football.

The biggest problem in the game of football right now is electing illiterate and no vision delegates that have no program about the game of football in their areas but are available to sleep in nice hotels, get allowances and vote for anything.

We should learn from this experience and many others to shun voting these kinds of delegates for the betterment and growth of the game of football. But before we embark on a journey that will bring a smile on the faces of Ugandans and football players we have to get of the rotten, vision-less administration of Mulindwa out and build structures afresh. This will take some time but after building hope will be with us as we will not continually worry about players and football policies in Uganda.

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