Vuvuzelas and Whistles another form of security.



When the Activists For Change (A4C) called Ugandans to blow Vuvuzelas and Whistles (Drive-ride hoot campaign) as a sign of showing displeasure of bad governance, the government excesses many bought the idea of just blowing those two as a measure to send a message across using a non-violent mean.

But Uganda Police rejected the move and said that they had noted 5 number plates of vehicles that drove and honked in town  (

Turn Around

Kampala suburbs have been attacked by robbers and thieves that have not only taken residents’ properties but some have lost lives. Police is supposed to property all Ugandans’ lives and properties but this has not been done as expected because Dr. Kizza Besigye and many other opposition leaders are watched 24/7 because of their diversity in thinking than the other Ugandans which in turns takes away security from all.

Today Police comes back on their word by asking all Ugandans to blow Vuvuzelas and Whistles inorder to alert the public of a possible theft or robbery. Where does this leave the so called laws the police were quoting to stop Ugandans from informing government on their displeasure on how they were governed?

Now Vuvuzelas and whistles have been qualified as a form of security but I think there are many thieves in Uganda as President Museveni said while in Rwanda. The first class thieves that are stealing tax payers’ monies (OPM, CHOGM, TEMANGALO etc) are the ones that are causing all the other forms of theft.

Many Ugandans have been deprived from social services and good environment where they can work to put bread on their tables and many have resorted to snatching and stealing other people’s properties.

The genesis of the increase in theft around Kampala suburbs has a reason why there is an increase and government should analyze what needs to be done to create more jobs for young people who have not acquired skills to start one.

The problem ofunemployment is indeed a time bomb for this nation and another reason to why there is so much increase in crime. As a nation we should be discussing how to make security for all as a reality and solving the problems that contribute to some of these crimes.

But in the meantime I will go to the shop and get me a Vuvuzela and whistle so that they can provide me with the security that I need in my area.

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  1. @jjwaziri says:

    Good piece sir. Spread the word


    1. shawnmubiru says:

      Thanks so much brother.


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